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Sex & Death


Sex and Death have a strong relation to each other. Maybe this is why they are both associated with Scorpio. Both during sex and while facing death, a person’s true nature is revealed. This is why in the Bible whenever there is a reference to sex, it says for example “Adam knew his wife Eve, and she conceived.” The expression “la petite mort” which means “the little death” refers to the sensation felt during an orgasm which results from expending the life force. The sacrifice that’s made from this “little death” however causes the conception of a new life, thus we see the death and rebirth cycle carried out in the act of sexual intercourse.

Perhaps at the point of death, the soul leaving the body can be seen as the ultimate orgasm, transforming your energy into a new life or being. If this is true, then this also says a lot about the power of sex itself. The truth is, sexual energy is the very fabric of the Cosmos. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles are eternally in intercourse with each other Generating, Operating, and Destroying in an endless cycle. It’s easy to see and understand why Love is the Law and the Divine driving power behind the Cosmos. We can think of the start of our Universe as a cosmic orgasm, a real Big Bang, and all that has followed has been an eternal orgy. Shiva and Shakti in Yab-Yum.