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Paganism and the word pagan are terms that received a negative connotation by religion. Etymologically speaking, “pagan” simply means “country dweller” and was the name applied to those who worshipped nature and the old gods rather than conforming to Christendom. We venerate the Neteru/Orisha and Nature because knowing the natural cycles and sciences were and continue to be essential to our survival and evolution, as these archetypes exist throughout the Universe but also within us. We venerate and honor our ancestors also because they are the reason we are all here and continue to live on within us, in our DNA. Humanity has strayed long away from these practices which causes the imbalance you see manifested currently in the world.

The Lesser Mysteries were always open to the public and were understood in ancient times while the Greater Mysteries were given to those who were worthy and took the initiatory rites.

A key thing to remember is to realize that a lot of the teachings the Prophets and Oracles brought with them were never meant to be a religion or dogma. It was an understanding and deep metaphors to ultimately learn Knowledge of Self no matter what myth was being used…. because to know Self is to know God and the Universe.