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Paschal Beverly Randolph


Many times when people think of sex magick they think of Aleister Crowley. However, the first person to introduce the sexual rites to North America was a Moor named Paschal Beverly Randolph born on this day October 8th, 1825 in New York City. Born a free man, Randolph traveled the world employed as a sailor, spending a long period of time throughout Europe and Africa before returning to the States in 1855.

Describing himself as and taking on the pseudonym “The Rosicrucian”, Randolph became a lecturer and writer on esotericism and sex magick and eventually founded the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis, the oldest Rosicrucian lodge in the U.S. One of his popular books that’s available today is called “Magia Sexualis: Sexual Practices for Magical Power” and contains techniques one can use to manifest with sexual energy. Randolph was much more dogmatic and conservative in his view of sex magick than people are today however, believing that the rites should only be practiced by a loving husband and wife, and there should be an extended period of abstinence before performing the rites.