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A Page Taken from the Rulebook of the RPG “Cyberpunk 2020”


This is from the rulebook of the RPG Cyberpunk 2020 released back in 1988, a year before I was born. Here in the year 2022, it almost seems as if this was a written prophesy of our current day. It is extremely draining having to deal with society’s identity politics daily in our entertainment and on social media. We honestly live in the most peaceful and abundant time in human history, yet we are constantly fed so much nonsense that divides us and makes the world seem so much worse than it really is.

When it comes to racism, sexism, and any sort of oppression, it must be understood that the State has historically been the primary cause and benefactor in the institutionalization and promotion of such. Through the media, these ideas are pushed out to divide and scare society so that the State can come in with the “solution” to the problem they themselves orchestrate. If society continues to allow manufactured rage and events divide us, the State will gain more control in the name of your “security” which eventually will lead to a real social collapse due to the tension. Stop being so angry about everything that goes on in the world. You’re giving free real estate in your mind to folks who don’t know you. Stop trying to be “woke”. All of your social justice warrior activism is in vain and only fuels the manufactured rage that divides us.

It’s one thing to help the weak, not despise the poor, and to stand up for your rights. Yet this doesn’t mean everything requires a reaction from you. Always ask yourself who is benefiting the most from the energy you’re putting out. If it isn’t you, that means someone or something is feeding off of you, profiting. If you’re feeling oppressed, my advice is to stop asking for validation, especially from the State, and create your own thing….or take what you feel is yours if you feel so bold! Begging for it only degrades yourself. Witches/Magi should never be in such a position.

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