"I was born of the brilliant and magnificent egg, and my substance is of the same nature as that which composes light."
"I was born of the brilliant and magnificent egg, and my substance is of the same nature as that which composes light."

Yahweh: Son of Chaos, God of War


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In my two previous post I demonstrated how Yahweh, known to the Gnostics as Yaldabaoth (son of chaos), could in fact be the devil and I showed how the State developed organized religion for control. In this post I will present my theory on the origins of the concept of Yahweh and how this concept of god made its way into organized religion.

During the 14th dynasty of Ancient Kmt (Egypt), a Semitic people known as the Hyksos came into the land and rose to power, establishing their own dynasty, the 15th dynasty of Ancient Kmt. The Hyksos brought with them their customs and traditions, along with their cosmology and their concept of god. When they came across the Egyptian pantheon of deities they identified their god with being one and the same as Set, the god of opposition. As I have mentioned in previous post, Set is where the concept of Satan comes from. Where previously Set was understood to be a god of opposition, the natives now viewed Set as an evil deity, since the foreign ruling Hyksos identified Set as their supreme deity. The Hyksos would go on to rule for a few dynasties until they were finally expelled at the end of the 17th dynasty, starting the New Kingdom of Egypt. Who exactly the Hyksos were is unclear in history, but there are quite a few researchers who identify the Hyksos with the ancient Hebrews, who would later become Israel. This is based on the Hyksos being Semitic like the Hebrews. Also, the biblical account speaks about Jacob (Israel) and his descendants coming into Egypt during a time when his son Joseph was vizier for Pharaoh (Genesis 46) and is seen as a parallel with the Hyksos coming into Egypt, settling and obtaining power. If we entertain the idea of the Hebrews and the Hyksos being one and the same, connections between the biblical myth and history are made.

The first connection is the identity of Joseph. Journalist Ahmed Osman identifies the historical Yuya with being one and the same as the biblical Joseph. Yuya was an Egyptian official who is thought to be of Semitic origin due to his Semitic features, including his beard style which was identical with that of the ancient Hebrews; note that native Egyptian officials were known to shave their facial hair. Another connection is that in Genesis 45:8, Joseph is called “a father of Pharaoh” while historically, Yuya is the only Egyptian official to have such a title. Yuya was also the father of Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep III and the mother of Akhenaten. Therefore if Yuya truly was a Semitic foreigner, possibly being a descendant of the Hyksos, that would mean Akhenaten was not an Egyptian native, not fully at least, and that may explain his change in policies and view of god. Could it be that Akhenaten was a mixed Hyksos descendant who tried to revive the rule of their storm god through the use of the Aten?

Akhenaten is usually depicted wearing the Egyptian blue crown, which is the crown of war. His royal court was also made up of majority military personnel, a first in Ancient Egyptian history. It is known that storm gods were usually male gods of war, easily angered and wrathful. Indeed, Exodus 15:3 says this about Yahweh:

“The LORD is a man of war; Yahweh is his name.”

Could the war like behavior of Yahweh in the bible be reflective of Akhenaten, the founder of Atenism/Hebrewism? If we accept that Hebrewism is indeed Atenism and that the Aten concept of god is in fact the Hebrew concept of god, then we are able to see yet another historical connection to the biblical myth. This connection deals with Aaron, the brother of Moses. If you take the stance that the biblical narratives are myths loosely explaining historical truths and that the names used in the scriptures are coded titles, not proper names, then the connection is made. Aaron, the brother of Moses, is said to have been the first Hebrew High Priest. That would then mean he was the Atenist High Priest, since Hebrewism and Atenism are one in the same. We know that Akhenaten was the sole mediator between his god Aten and the people of Egypt, so he was both King and High Priest. The Messiah (whom in Christianity is equated to Jesus) is referred to in the scriptures as being both a King and High Priest. The Hebrew name Aaron actually comes from Ancient Egyptian “aha rw” meaning “warrior lion”. Interestingly, the Messiah is also referred to in scriptures as the “conquering lion of Judah”. The word “Messiah” itself is of Ancient Egyptian origin, meaning “anointed” which referred to the anointing of the King of Egypt and the Priest with the oil fat from the crocodile of the Nile river.

Could Akhenaten be who the Hebrew scriptures refer to as Aaron, and where would that leave Moses? A few authors like Comyns Beaumont, Ralph Ellis, and Arthur Jones suggest that Moses’ true identity is Thutmose V whose biography in the historical record is vague. He was however the older brother of Akhenaten. Being the oldest, he was suppose to take the throne as King of Egypt after his father, but he disappeared from historical record and is assumed to have died, leaving Akhenaten to become King. Coincidentally, the bible refers to Aaron as having become Moses’ prophet and the one that would speak for Moses. Was the Atenist idea originally going to be presented to Egypt by Thutmose V but then was passed to Akhenaten due to Thutmose V’s absence? There is indeed evidence that shows the Atenist heresy was being developed and being prepared to be put into place in Egypt even before Akhenaten became King.

Whether or not it’s true that the concept of Yahweh began as the Hyksos’ storm god or the Aten, it is without a doubt that Yahweh eventually did become identified as being one and the same as the sun, the Aten, for the symbols like the one above tell the rest of the story. When the Atenist heresy ended in Egypt, it survived and found it’s way into the Canaan region which eventually became biblical Israel. There, the religion was codified and morphed into Hebrewism (traditions that are distinct from modern day Judaism). Generations later, the Atenist concept would find its way into Roman thought and would eventually be adopted by the newly founded Catholic Church. You will find in Catholic churches across the world the Atenist symbolism, with either the Tetragrammaton (Yahweh) encased in the Sun (like the picture above), the name Jehovah (another name of Yahweh) encased in the Sun (like the first picture in this post) or the all too familiar symbol, the all-seeing eye encased in a triangle with sun rays coming off the sides.

So what significance does this all have? My answer is this: majority of the world today adheres to one of the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaisim, Christianity, and Islam). Despite the differences in these three faiths, the mainstream interpretations of each all agree on one thing, that God is this being that exist separately and remotely from man and therefore man is in need of a messiah or mediator in order to reach God. This teaching that they all have in common has its roots in Atenism. With this teaching, the ones in power have been successful at controlling the masses for generations, and as we move further into the 21st Century we are putting ourselves in danger by continuing to hold onto these beliefs. As the ones in power continue to cripple society, there are too many of us that continue to hold onto the false hope that god or a messiah will come out of the sky to change things for us instead of changing things for ourselves. In reality, it is not in our best interest for there to be someone who rules over and decides the fate of all the Earth and acts as our mediator towards God; it matters not if the person calls himself the son of god or not, one person ruling all is tyranny. The Divine exist within each and every one of us, no one has the right to claim that they alone are the representation of God’s will on Earth. It’s time to wake up family.

Peace, Love, & Balance


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