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Transmuting Anger & Negativity To Be Useful

A lot of people look at anger as some sort of problem, but there’s nothing wrong with being angry. Anger is an emotion and every emotion deserves to be felt and expressed. That doesn’t mean when you’re angry you should rage and engage in reckless or destructive behavior, that IS a problem. However, anger can be used productively when expressed in a healthy way. Some people when they are angry go and write their best poems, workout, or do something else that is productive.

Slave revolts didn’t happen due to a bunch people sitting around ignoring their situation, singing kumbaya and saying “good vibes only”, that’s that silly New Age mentality people are drunk on nowadays. Revolts happened from people getting angry and saying enough is enough and people putting the anger into action. It’s probably safe to say that every social change has been brought about through anger, being fed up with the status quo.

This can apply to all emotions or situations deemed “negative”. Instead of trying to avoid dealing with these “negative vibes”, face them head on and use them in a productive way to create a “positive” outcome if you will. That’s transmutation, the key to mental alchemy!