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Free Will vs. Destiny

I saw a post today of someone asking if people believe in Free Will or Destiny. I immediately chose Free Will, but when I thought about it further I realized that both Free Will and Destiny go hand and hand.

Being that we are in fact the Divine in the flesh, it’s hard for me reconcile in my mind that there are things in life that we are “destined” for that we have no control over despite whatever our actions are. Though if Destiny is the end result of one’s actions (and even inaction) then there seems to be no conflict between the two concepts. I thought of the analogy that I have the Free Will to pick up a rock and throw it at a window, but that window is destined to shatter. With that analogy, Destiny then becomes the end result of Free Will.

Using your Free Will, if you practice and train hard at whatever your skill or craft is, you’re destined to be great at it. If you sit around being inactive and eating unhealthy, you’re destined to become overweight. Things in this life that do seem we have no control over and were simply “destined” may be the end results of actions from your Free Will that you did at a different point in life, maybe even subconsciously or perhaps in a different life altogether. This is how Destiny makes sense to me. To think of Destiny as something that’s supposed to happen to you “just because” sounds too similar to coincidence to me, and as someone who reads tarot and does divination, I know there are no coincidences.