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Tarot Birth Cards

I decided to look up my Tarot Birth Card pair and to my surprise (not really surprised lol) my pair is The Devil and The Lovers 😏. It seems the energies associated with Scorpio manifest themselves in every medium!

Looking at the pair in the Waite-Rider tarot, it’s very obvious through the symbolism that these two cards are connected. Both show two naked humans; a man and a woman, and both have a large figure behind them. In the first, this figure is assumed to be the Devil, the other an Angel. As a pair, the two cards can be contrasted as the first card showing love or a relationship on a low, toxic level. Perhaps a lover is controlling, deceptive, and/or too driven by their lower nature, symbolized by the couple chained and the animal features apart of their bodies. The second card shows love or a relationship on a higher, enlightening level symbolized by the scene of bliss and the light of the Sun radiating.

The meaning according to labyrinthos.co –

“Deep sensuality is indicated by this birth card pair – for the Devil is the combination of both the Divine and the beastly. He is playful in the realm of the material, but his pure enjoyment can lead some to be enslaved. The Lovers however bring an element of love to his passionate animalistic nature. His beauty in the horror is redeemed. This path is one of restoring beauty to the beastly.”