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“Isis Ra El” (Debunking New Age Pseudoscience Series Part 4)


Debunking another New Age myth today. You’ll have those who will say that the “hidden” truth behind the name Israel is that it is a portmanteau or combination of the words “Isis”, “Ra”, and “El”. While whoever began this silly rumor put together a nice graphic to go with it, it’s erroneous on multiple levels.

First, it must be understood that Israel is a modern English translation of the original word which in Hebrew is “Yisra’el” which means “he that striveth with God”. Isis is a Greek corruption of the Metu Neter Auset which means “throne” and Ra is actually the Metu Neter representative of the creative life force. El is the only Semitic word having meaning in Hebrew as “God” while Auset and Ra are not Semitic and therefore would not have any meaning in the Hebrew language.

There are some connections between Ancient Egypt and Israel, namely with the entire Atenist heresy I’ve written about….but this is not one of those connections!