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Introduction to Vāmācāra (Left Hand Path)

Vāmācāra aka the Left Hand Path is indeed said to be the faster path towards self realization/liberation, but it is not the easier path. To properly gain benefit from following the LHP requires a lot of self discipline. Essentially, a key difference between the LHP and RHP is while the Right Hand Path is about dissolving the individual Self, the Left Hand Path is about expanding the individual Self. Another key difference is the RHP bases their morality on following a set of rules, while on the LHP there are no rules other than your own. This is where it gets risky.

Since the LHP is about expanding the individual Self, it should be understood that this means EVERYTHING about the individual expands. This includes an individual’s vices, desires, and influence. If there’s an underlying issue that you are choosing to ignore or not face while at the same time you’re continuing to expand yourself, that issue is only going to expand into more of an issue as well. It doesn’t go away.

Many who decide to walk the LHP can also end up becoming addicts or abusers. If one acts on his or her desires without practicing some form of moderation, they will quickly create a toxic environment for themselves and everyone around them. Where the RHP follower usually has fear of punishment or the hope of reward that keeps them practicing modesty, the LHP follower only has his or her Self to answer to at the end of the day. For this reason, those who walk the LHP should be people of exemplary character who can hold themselves accountable for their words and their deeds.


Peace, Love, & Balance


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