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An Unorthodox Presentation


Sometimes, really intelligent and wise people will present themselves in ways that are seen as crazy, unorthodox, or dark by their behavior or use of dark imagery and symbolism, causing many people to feel uncomfortable and pushing them away. This is a tactic, it’s purpose being to clear away those who would be thought of as being profane, or too focused on the superficial.

But the few that remain, those few the knowledge and wisdom is imparted on. This is because there are degrees that aren’t meant for everyone. It’s how its always been concerning the Mystery Schools.

How many in the past have incarnated here with profound wisdom only to be rejected by the mass and heard by the few, and actually understood by the fewer? Just something to think about….

*Ye who have ears, let them hear! People in the modern day many times see this upside down cross as being sacrilegious, anti-christian, or satanic. However, this cross is actually St. Peter’s cross who by tradition was crucified upside, as he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same way as the Messiah.*